Crown Tattoos


Crowns may be needed for several reasons: to repair a broken tooth, to protect a root canal treated tooth, to make an implant functional. No matter what the reason the crown is needed, you can personalize your crown with a tattoo of your choice. Just remember it can’t be too complicated since it is so small. Here are some tattoos our patients have requested for their crowns.

FM Palmtree Tattoo Gemini Tattoo Harley Davidson Tattoo K+M Crwn Kitty Tattoo ML Flower Tattoo



How Do I Get a Tattooed Crown Made?

  •   Choose your artwork…. (simplicity is the key) remember the picture will be very small.
  • To have the image recognizable it is best if the picture or symbol is simple.
  •  Decide where in your mouth you want the artwork, the tooth tattoo:

 Front Teeth (Anterior):

Lingual Side of tooth: (facing tongue)
Labial Side of tooth: (facing lip & cheek-side)

Back Teeth (Posterior):

Lingual Side of tooth (facing tongue)
Labial Side of tooth (facing lip & cheek)

  • Impressions taken at your dental appointment will be sent to the lab for fabrication.
  • Your own custom Tattooed Crown will be finished and returned to the office in 2 weeks for your seat appointment.
Or a little bling???

Gold&Diamond Crown

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