First Visit

Whether you are new in town or just considering a dentist for a check up, consult or a 2nd opinion, you will enjoy our beautiful facility.  Dr. Kathie Ketcher welcomes new patients and would love to walk you through your first visit at The Shelton Dental Center.  Scroll through a step by step appointment so that there are no surprises for you on your first day.

1) New Patient Forms:  To make your first visit easier you can fill out and bring all of your new patient forms from the convenience of your home. Be sure to bring all of your medical information and insurance cards with you.  Felisha will also have all forms available at the reception desk when you check in for your first appointment and she will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Waiting Room2) The Waiting Room:  Relax in the waiting room with patient education television. Dr. Kathie loves local history and there are small history displays throughout the building. There is a patient refreshment center through the glass door where you will find complimentary water and coffee. One of our knowledgeable and friendly dental staff will be out soon to escort you to your consult room shortly.

3)  The Initial Consult: A Shelton Dental Center team member will review your health history and vital signs. Feel free to tell her about your previous dental experiences and what brought you in to the dentist today. We want to know your smile goals and expectations, and any fears or concerns that you may have.

Digital X-ray4)  Data Collection:  We will take digital oral photos and a full set of digital x-rays to capture images of your teeth, inside and out. We will chart all of your current and past dental treatment into our environmentally friendly – paper-less records system.

5)  The Hygienist Visit and Cleaning:  At this point we will usually have one of our hygienists do a complete periodontal assessment to look for gum disease and establish the type of dental cleaning that would be best for you.  We will perform an oral cancer screening, a TMJ exam, and an occlusion or bite assessment.  Usually the hygienist will complete a thorough cleaning and check all of your teeth with a diagnodent laser cavity detector and review all the data and group treatment into visits or organize the data prior to one of the Ketchers coming in for the exam.

6)  The Doctor’s Exam:  Dr. Kathie will do a tooth by tooth dental exam and then fully explain the recommended treatment options and work with you to decide on a plan for your treatment.

7)  Treatment Education and Appointments for Follow-Up Visits:  We will help you understand what is going on in your mouth and all of the options you have to manage it.  We will prioritize treatment based on patient desires and dental needs.  Discussion and education with intra-oral cameras, chair-side monitors, and educational video presentations can help you understand and make sound decisions regarding your dental care.  Feel free to ask questions, we are here to help you understand and we love to educate.


8) Financial and Insurance Coordination:  As a courtesy Felisha can help with financial arrangements, insurance and payment plans if needed.  As a partner in your oral well-being, she’ll respect your choices and help you achieve your smile goals.

Protect your family’s teeth with proper preventive care, designed to identify and treat oral problems before they escalate.  After reviewing our list of preventive treatment options call today to schedule your dental checkup or dental cleaning visit. We want to give you a small town welcome – and a reason to smile!

Shelton Dental Center