Massage @ Shelton Dental Center

Dr. Kathie has been receiving massage with Ashley for several years at another location. After much consideration, they decided to join efforts in providing another service to our great patients as well as our hardworking staff. Ashley comes to the office several times per month (on her days off from other shop). She hopes to grow her clientele enough to join our office full time.

Keeney Therapeutics

Ashley Keeney, LMT, MA60089156

Ashley graduated from Everest College in 2009. She became a licensed massage therapist because of her passion for massage and because of the rejuvenating effects it has on our anatomy. She has worked with several chiropractors, spas, and clinics on the west coast, while simultaneously raising her son, Kaleb. She is very excited to finally have the opportunity to start her own practice.

Throughout her experience, Ashley has become an expert with many techniques and modalities. Her specialties include deep tissue, acupressure, Swedish massage, prenatal massage, myofascial release, and reflexology. She has worked long term with shoulder, neck, hip, leg, and back injury clients with much success. Ashley strives to provide inspired treatment by educating clients on healthy practices and wellness, and by continuing her education in the field of body work.


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