We are all attracted to a brilliant white smile. For most people, it evokes the sense of youth and health.  Baby teeth are naturally bright white while our adult teeth are naturally a yellow hue and are stained by the foods and drinks we consume on a daily basis.

By safely enhancing the color of your teeth, you can remove years of discoloration and stains. We offer home bleaching techniques to help you achieve your desired look. now it is your turn to discover just how much teeth whitening can help your self-confidence!

Our at-home bleaching service is inexpensive and requires almost little time in our office. You can simply make an appointment and once you come in, our friendly staff will fit you for our custom made bleach trays. Your trays will be ready in just a few days, and along with our bleaching agent, you’ll be ready to brighten your smile. You will need to wear the trays for a few minutes per a day and within a week or two you will notice a significant difference. This method is preferred by many since the trays fit right over all existing dental work and the bleaching agent used doesn’t damage fillings, or crowns. If you have stains due to coffee, smoking or other reasons, at home whitening can be just what you are looking for.


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