Patient Testimonials

From Patient survey:

Please comment on how we could make your visit better, new services you would like to see, or other ways we can make you more comfortable:

“In my opinion, when you receive outstanding care as I did, there is no way to make it better. I feel better, I look better (so to speak), and have learned that nicer teeth gives your self confidence a major boost. I was always scared to death of dentists and dental procedures, but the staff at Shelton Dental Center have eliminated that fear. They not only got my teeth in great shape, but they personally taught me how to maintain excellent oral hygiene. In fact, I look forward to my next visit. These people are very professional but at the same time treat you in a very caring and respectful manner. In a nutshell, these folks are the only people I will ever trust with my teeth. I consider Shelton Dental Center my professional dental care team and new found friends.”


Dear Doctor Edwards,

Thank you for helping me understand my treatment choices. I was feeling really lost on what I needed done and had a hard time making a decision. You and your staff helped clear the mud.


Dear Doctors,

It is with a warm heart that I write this to thank you & your staff for 1) working me in 2) for the great care and 3) fixing my tooth. You didn’t have to do that as I was so thrilled to get my tooth back, but I do thank you!! I will tell everyone about your care.


Dr. Kathie,

Thank you so much for seeing Wesley! Your sweet and gentle nature is why we appreciate you so much….. not to mention you are an AWESOME dentist!

You are such a lovely lady. I know great things will happen for you. I wish you peace and look forward to many more years of “dental family” with you! Thanks again for such sweet care of our sweet babies. You are the best!

Becky, Steve, Lily & Wesley


Dear Felisha, Kelly, and Dr. Steve,

My new tooth and I wanted to write and say thank you so very much for squeezing us in the other day.

Felisha to you for championing my cause, to Kelly and Dr Steve, for doing such a quality job. It’s a real blessing to have professional services available to keep our smiles healthy and beautiful.

All of you there are the best and I never want to take you and your skills for granted. You make our lives so much better and in a world where so much meanness and inconsiderateness abounds, it’s a blessing to know you and receive such friendly service.

Thank you and God bless your day and you.


Thank you to all our patients for your appreciation! We are happy to hear that we’ve made your experience a positive one.

Shelton Dental Center