What is a dental check-up? What do they do at a check-up visit?

What do they do at a check-up visit?
The content of a dental exam differs from dentist to dentist, at the Shelton Dental Center a check up visit often starts with one of our hygienists or one of the doctors completing an oral exam, jaw exam, and cancer screening.  We will inspect your mouth, head and neck, and the lymph nodes around your jaw. After this, we will look inside the mouth and make sure that the soft tissues and tongue are free of any sores or growths.  To determine if your bite is working properly, we will have you open and close your mouth repeatedly a few times and check for any signs of clenching, grinding or joint disorder.

The dental checkup visit will proceed with the dental hygienist measuring and checking your gums to make sure they are in perfect health (no inflammation, bleeding, bone loss, nor recession) and then usually she will complete a routine dental cleaning.  Dr. Reid or Kathie will finish the dental exam by inspecting your teeth visually and often with radiographs (x-rays) and a diagnodent laser.  Any dentures, fillings, cavities, bridges, or crowns you may have will be charted and checked.  We may educate you on proper oral hygiene and nutrition and how to correct any dental disease.

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